Our Process & Products

The C2 Financial Team is here to make things easier for you, our client.

Our Three Step Process

Our simple 3-step process allows us to get to know you and your financial goals before working on a custom plan to suit your needs.

Step 1 Assess

Step 1 Assess

We’ll begin by reviewing your financial documents, risk tolerance, and objectives.

Step 2 Strategize

Step 2 Strategize

Our team will present unique financial strategies designed to match your investor profile.

Step 3 Implement

Step 3 Implement

Life changes? Market volatility? We’ll keep your financial plan on track every step of the way.

Our Financial Products




Common Stock

Educational IRA

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA


Simple IRA

Brokerage Accounts

Treasury Bills

Government Securities

Treasury Notes

Variable Annuities

Financial Planning<br/>

Financial Planning

Retirement Plans

Tax Plans

401(k) Planning

403(b) Planning

College Plans

Estate Plans

Money Purchasing Plans

Profit Sharing Plans



Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

What is Your Risk Score?&#160;

What is Your Risk Score? 

Everyone has a Risk Number whether they know it or not. Your tolerance for market volatility is unique. We use a risk assessment built upon a Nobel Prize-winning framework, and learning your risk number only takes a couple of minutes.

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